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Do you know the enemy? [16 Apr 2009|01:41am]

Do you love Green Day? Want to help spread the word on the release of their new album? And be able to win cool prizes from the band themselves? All for FREE?
Then go here http://thestreetnetwork.sparkart.com/greenday/index.php?noredirect=1 to sign up and get started! Upon sign up, in the box where it says 'who were you referred by', please put the username 'dead_beat'.
What are you waiting for? It's completely free! You get news about the band, the album, and you get to connect with other fans all around the world.
Remember. Just put dead_beat in the referred by box. ;)

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Formula 27 [31 Mar 2009|08:30pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]


That's Screeching Weasel on June 19th and the Riverdales on the 20th. I'm pretty sure the Riverdales show is slated for the smaller room so plan accordingly.

I really want to give you the lowdown on the SW re-formation but there's honestly not a lot to say. Legal issues prevented me from doing my own band on my own terms over the past couple of years but thankfully those problems are all resolved now. The kind of stuff happens sometimes. I won't deny that those problems - which were really just the culmination of many years of a lot of other b.s. - left a foul taste in my mouth about SW. But now that all the headaches are behind me I'm feeling great about it. I'm finally running my own band again and I'm really happy and excited to be back at it. I've got a killer line-up comprised of myself, Danny Vapid, Simon Lamb (the Ritalins), Justin Perkins (Yesterday's Kids) and Adam Cargin (Blueheels) (he's also the new Riverdales drummer) and we've got a great set list. And I'm thrilled to be playing in Texas - places like Houston and Austin were always great for Screeching Weasel in our touring days.
We are only playing two other shows in 2009 (in the fall - they'll be announced next month) so we'll hope to see you at one of them!

Screeching Weasel and Riverdales tickets both go on sale at 10 a.m. central tomorrow. MySpace has been awfully picky about my links lately so instead of embedding them I'm just going to type them out for you so you can copy and paste them if MySpace puts the kibosh on 'em.

This link is for the Screeching Weasel show on June 19th: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=1257734

This one is for the Riverdales show on June 20th: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=1257744

The bands are playing on different nights so if you want to see 'em both you'll have to buy tickets for both nights.
Additional shows will not be added even if these sell out so if you wanna go, get a move on!


If it weren’t for the fact that I actually enjoy conversing with the fans of my prior bands, I would never have found out about a new band called Screeching Weasel beginning to tour. “This can’t be the band I was in.” I say to myself. “I would have been preparing.” My mind would much prefer going to a place of calm contemplation than into a dark cold room filled with anger and the emotions associated with betrayal. So to avoid painful emoting I first took the facts that Ben and I started a band together called Screeching Weasel, we both spent all our days making that band a home for ourselves, and 18 years later we put it to rest. This along with the statement made by both me and Ben on many occasions that the band wouldn’t be Screeching Weasel without either of us, makes me assume that this band playing isn’t Screeching Weasel, because I don’t recall having kicked myself out of the band. So it seems logical that this is not Screeching Weasel. If it were I would have to admit that I longer have friends named Ben Foster or Dan Schafer. As for people like Ben Weasel, Dan Vapid, or even John Jughead, I have nothing to say, because they never really existed, they were just made up names for a bunch of friends that tried to do something different in order to survive and make a living in this world. And I imagine they are all still trying to make a living somehow, seeing that their band’s prominent “leader” never wanted to tour in order to make it financially viable to continue on.

my ex-roommate got me tickets for both shows
i have mixed feelings about the screeching weasel show
like the fact that it's only 1/2 the fucking band
stoked for the riverdales show
anybody else going to this?

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Youth Brigade, Channel 3, BATH, Gonzo and the LLSS [06 Dec 2008|08:25pm]

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Screeching Weasel - Boogadaboogadaboogada re-release on vinyl... [23 Apr 2008|08:29pm]

...only 500 (at first) in pink or red.
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Help Lance [18 Oct 2007|02:18pm]

Al Quint posted this originally. I'm just gonna quote it. I met Lance maybe once or twice at shows. Wouldn't say I know the dude personally but I've read some stuff he's written and I've been listening to the mans music since I was in Jr High School:

"I'm passing along this message. I've only met/corresponded with Lance a bit but he definitely impresses me as a great guy. A talented songwriter and he also has written some great pieces on UK anarcho punk for Maximum Rock 'n Roll.

He's been in ill health for quite some time and has recently taken a turn for the worse. I'm going to follow the message with a way you can help him.

Don't know if you all have heard, or if you know Lance Hahn (from J Church), but here is some sad news that's been passed around: Dear everyone, Lance is in the ICU. He collapsed during dialysis Friday afternoon, was administered CPR for fifteen or twenty minutes, and sent to the ER. He is now comatose, and fighting off an infection. The only thing the doctors say is that it's wait and see at this point. I really apologize for the impersonal nature of this message, he has so many good friends that I'm not sure what else to do, and I would like to get back to the hospital asap. I will try to contact you again when there is any update. Please pass on this information to other close friends, as you can imagine there is really no way for me to get in touch with all of the people that I would like to. Please keep him in your best wishes.

here's a link if you want to help him out. Lance doesn't have health insurance. One of over 40 million Americans who lack access to something that should be available for everyone. But we don't want to have SOCIALISM, now do we.

I'll get off the soapbox. Click here for more info about helping Lance"
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Help George Tabb [22 Aug 2007|02:01pm]

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: George Tabb
Date: Aug 22, 2007 1:38 PM


Please donate what you can, Please! Also, please pass this on by reposting it as much as you can, and everywhere you can. On Myspace, on blogs, wherever! After you watch the video, you'll understand why. I need huge youtube hits so that the MAJOR MEDIA finally wakes the fuck up and pays attention. Also, please leave comments on the video on you tube Here!

Again, please, do what you can and pass this along to as many people as possible. If you know how to get in touch with people like Michael Moore, or someone like that, please send it to them too. This is not only a matter of Life and Death for me, but for many others. Especially cops and firefighters, the heroes of September 11th, 2001, who are having their pensions taken away for talking about this.

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Don't Make The Girls Cry!!! [22 May 2006|11:24pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Go see Fallopian and/or The Studiofix this weekend, if you're in the LA area!

If you're outside of LA, you might go see The Get-Outs in Liverpool, UK, or Stereotactic in Lemoore, CA.

You can buy records by all these great bands at AveburyRecords.com!

Okay, wait a sec!

Here's a special MySpace-only deal. You can get the new CDs by Fallopian and The Studiofix for $15, shipped anywhere in the world! C'mon, you have money in PayPal, use it for something cool:


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[19 May 2006|12:45pm]

Hey ya'll..

The Tattle Tales have a brand new album coming out on Slugger Records sometime next month. Here's a link to one of the brand new tracks off the new album :


We'll also be on tour the entire month of July so check out our myspace page for dates!

Hope you like it!!

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The Emersons [19 Apr 2006|08:57pm]

Hey, I know this community is dead as hell, but I'm completely shameless about plugging my band. We're from Rochester, NY, and we happen to rock pretty fucking hard. Check out the songs, you'll dig 'em.

Clicky clicky
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[12 Jan 2006|02:33pm]




we're good, i promise. and nice. so add us! =)
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[30 Aug 2005|07:23pm]
Hey, my name is Hudson,
check out my bands website
any and all opinions are wanted, even if they are nothing but
jesus yall suck.

Read our bio, look at the pics, listen to the music, and tell us your honest to god opinion.

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The Tattle Tales looking for a 2nd guitarist. [26 Jul 2005|12:48am]


The Tattle Tales play real pop punk. Simple and pure and fun.

Check us out on myspace
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[14 Jul 2005|03:44pm]

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[02 Jul 2005|04:57pm]

Does anyone have anything from the Unlovables EP??? Namely, 'Punk Rock Club, RIP". Thanks in advance.

PS AIM = OrHeCouldBomb, hit me up if you do.
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"Warfrat Tales (Unabridged)" Available At AveburyRecords.com! [17 May 2005|09:45pm]

WarfRat Tales (Unabridged), the legendary (just ask Jason Falkner who wrote the new liner notes) 1983 LA paisley pop/power pop/punk band compilation will be officially relased on August 1, but, as a visitor to the Avebury Records website, you can buy WarfRat Tales (Unabridged) right now and have it shipped the next business day! Just click here for purchasing info. Check out the track listing of the 2-LPs-on-1-CD release: </font>The Rain Parade (I Look Around, Look Both Ways and This Can't Be Today), The Gun Club (Watermelon Man and Fire of Love), The Last (Try To Rise, Anything That's Out There and Brand New Drug), The Leaving Trains (Leaving Train and Creeping Coastline of Lights), 100 Flowers (100 Flowers and From The Fire), To Damascus (Night Surfing and Leave and Leave), The Urinals (I'm Like You and Scholastic Aptitude), Wednesday Week (Boy You Got Me Good and Anyone Like Me), The Question? (Brand New World, One More Time and Shall Be Love), The Point (Pothead), Earwigs (Stop The Clock and Automatic Reverse), The Up & Out (I'm Learning and Gruelled Again) and Hector & The Clockwatchers (Mishap At Greebsley's and Octavia).
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