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Help Lance

Al Quint posted this originally. I'm just gonna quote it. I met Lance maybe once or twice at shows. Wouldn't say I know the dude personally but I've read some stuff he's written and I've been listening to the mans music since I was in Jr High School:

"I'm passing along this message. I've only met/corresponded with Lance a bit but he definitely impresses me as a great guy. A talented songwriter and he also has written some great pieces on UK anarcho punk for Maximum Rock 'n Roll.

He's been in ill health for quite some time and has recently taken a turn for the worse. I'm going to follow the message with a way you can help him.

Don't know if you all have heard, or if you know Lance Hahn (from J Church), but here is some sad news that's been passed around: Dear everyone, Lance is in the ICU. He collapsed during dialysis Friday afternoon, was administered CPR for fifteen or twenty minutes, and sent to the ER. He is now comatose, and fighting off an infection. The only thing the doctors say is that it's wait and see at this point. I really apologize for the impersonal nature of this message, he has so many good friends that I'm not sure what else to do, and I would like to get back to the hospital asap. I will try to contact you again when there is any update. Please pass on this information to other close friends, as you can imagine there is really no way for me to get in touch with all of the people that I would like to. Please keep him in your best wishes.

here's a link if you want to help him out. Lance doesn't have health insurance. One of over 40 million Americans who lack access to something that should be available for everyone. But we don't want to have SOCIALISM, now do we.

I'll get off the soapbox. Click here for more info about helping Lance"
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