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Formula 27


That's Screeching Weasel on June 19th and the Riverdales on the 20th. I'm pretty sure the Riverdales show is slated for the smaller room so plan accordingly.

I really want to give you the lowdown on the SW re-formation but there's honestly not a lot to say. Legal issues prevented me from doing my own band on my own terms over the past couple of years but thankfully those problems are all resolved now. The kind of stuff happens sometimes. I won't deny that those problems - which were really just the culmination of many years of a lot of other b.s. - left a foul taste in my mouth about SW. But now that all the headaches are behind me I'm feeling great about it. I'm finally running my own band again and I'm really happy and excited to be back at it. I've got a killer line-up comprised of myself, Danny Vapid, Simon Lamb (the Ritalins), Justin Perkins (Yesterday's Kids) and Adam Cargin (Blueheels) (he's also the new Riverdales drummer) and we've got a great set list. And I'm thrilled to be playing in Texas - places like Houston and Austin were always great for Screeching Weasel in our touring days.
We are only playing two other shows in 2009 (in the fall - they'll be announced next month) so we'll hope to see you at one of them!

Screeching Weasel and Riverdales tickets both go on sale at 10 a.m. central tomorrow. MySpace has been awfully picky about my links lately so instead of embedding them I'm just going to type them out for you so you can copy and paste them if MySpace puts the kibosh on 'em.

This link is for the Screeching Weasel show on June 19th:

This one is for the Riverdales show on June 20th:

The bands are playing on different nights so if you want to see 'em both you'll have to buy tickets for both nights.
Additional shows will not be added even if these sell out so if you wanna go, get a move on!


If it weren’t for the fact that I actually enjoy conversing with the fans of my prior bands, I would never have found out about a new band called Screeching Weasel beginning to tour. “This can’t be the band I was in.” I say to myself. “I would have been preparing.” My mind would much prefer going to a place of calm contemplation than into a dark cold room filled with anger and the emotions associated with betrayal. So to avoid painful emoting I first took the facts that Ben and I started a band together called Screeching Weasel, we both spent all our days making that band a home for ourselves, and 18 years later we put it to rest. This along with the statement made by both me and Ben on many occasions that the band wouldn’t be Screeching Weasel without either of us, makes me assume that this band playing isn’t Screeching Weasel, because I don’t recall having kicked myself out of the band. So it seems logical that this is not Screeching Weasel. If it were I would have to admit that I longer have friends named Ben Foster or Dan Schafer. As for people like Ben Weasel, Dan Vapid, or even John Jughead, I have nothing to say, because they never really existed, they were just made up names for a bunch of friends that tried to do something different in order to survive and make a living in this world. And I imagine they are all still trying to make a living somehow, seeing that their band’s prominent “leader” never wanted to tour in order to make it financially viable to continue on.

my ex-roommate got me tickets for both shows
i have mixed feelings about the screeching weasel show
like the fact that it's only 1/2 the fucking band
stoked for the riverdales show
anybody else going to this?
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