Avebury Records (aveburyrecords) wrote in buzz_pop,
Avebury Records

"Warfrat Tales (Unabridged)" Available At AveburyRecords.com!

WarfRat Tales (Unabridged), the legendary (just ask Jason Falkner who wrote the new liner notes) 1983 LA paisley pop/power pop/punk band compilation will be officially relased on August 1, but, as a visitor to the Avebury Records website, you can buy WarfRat Tales (Unabridged) right now and have it shipped the next business day! Just click here for purchasing info. Check out the track listing of the 2-LPs-on-1-CD release: </font>The Rain Parade (I Look Around, Look Both Ways and This Can't Be Today), The Gun Club (Watermelon Man and Fire of Love), The Last (Try To Rise, Anything That's Out There and Brand New Drug), The Leaving Trains (Leaving Train and Creeping Coastline of Lights), 100 Flowers (100 Flowers and From The Fire), To Damascus (Night Surfing and Leave and Leave), The Urinals (I'm Like You and Scholastic Aptitude), Wednesday Week (Boy You Got Me Good and Anyone Like Me), The Question? (Brand New World, One More Time and Shall Be Love), The Point (Pothead), Earwigs (Stop The Clock and Automatic Reverse), The Up & Out (I'm Learning and Gruelled Again) and Hector & The Clockwatchers (Mishap At Greebsley's and Octavia).
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